Friday, December 28, 2012

Back to life

I know it's been a while and I really feel bad about it but well, I guess it's never too late to come back to blogging. Almost a month pasted and many things happened.
As holidays started, I came back to Belgrade to see my family. Soon, I'll be off to Budapest.
And oh, marry christmas to all of you !
My style hasn't changed so far, yet my hair color has (again!). I have ombre hair now. I was always torn between being a blond or a brunette, so I just decided to be both :)
Here's a collection of some of my Instagram pics from @LILIMATIC. Feel free to follow me :) 
Hope you're doing well. The last weekend of the year is starting :)
I wish you all a great one !

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crocheted shirt

To my surprise, the winter in berlin is exactly how people told (well it's not winter but still). In other words, outside of my little doom it's very cold and extremely dry. 
Wind blows,  people freeze.  The christmas bazaars are opened. People spend their time drinking hot wine, eating delicious food and buying christmas presents. The food is tempting. For those of you who plan to start a died, better forget about that idea. 
As the whole christmas spirit is spread over the city, I felt the need to adapt to the weather. Winter has not started yet, neither did autumn end. Thus I'm wearing my black crocheted shirt with a silver flower pattern by HUMBARA
It's so lovely :) 
The design is great and it is amazingly comfortable.
I highly recommend you to check out . They have really lovely things for fair prices :)
shirt: HUMBARA 
bracelets: CLAIR'S

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Journelles Party

Hey lovely people !
I'm for having been offline for almost a week, but here's a brand new Post ! ;)
Last saturday my friend and I went to the JOURNELLES PARTY of Germany's most famous fashion blogger Jessica Weiß.
I was wearing my mum's vintage dress, black high heels and my favorite Leggings. Fashion bloggers, artists, journalists and others fascinated me with their looks. Moreover, the German celebrity Palina Rojinski did a great job as a dj ! :)
I hope there will more of these partys !
Jessica's blog is in German. Still, I recommend you to take a look at it on:

Hey meine Lieben ! 
Es tut mir leid, dass ich mehr als eine Woche offline war, aber hier ist endlich ein neuer Post ! :) 
Letzte Woche war ich mit einem Freund von der "JOURNELLES PARTY" von Deutschlands berühmtesten Modebloggerin Jessica Weiß. Ich trug ein Vintage Kleid meiner Mutter, schwarze High Heels und meine Lieblingsleggings.  
Bezüglich der Party kann man nur sagen, dass sie ein absoluter Volltreffer war ! Palina Rojinski hatte aufgelegt und es gab jede Menge fantastischer Outfits zu bestaunen, alles also ziemlich gelungen.
Ich hoffe, dass es bald noch mehr solcher Partys geben wird.
Der Blog der Gastgeberin ist ziemlich cool. Ich würde euch raten einen Blick darauf zu werfen unter :)
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