Wednesday, June 20, 2012

road trips

I love traveling !
Lately, I went on a road trip 
with my family. We had a great time and visited many beautiful places.

Here we are in Strasbourg. I adore the city, it's wonderful !

We decided to climb on the top of the Strasbourg Cathedrale (90 meters and maaaany strairs). 

H&M dress
Alexander McQueen scull scarf
Ray Ban aviator sunglasses
Etro blouse
Prada sunglasses
leather jacket
Benetton leggings
Vero Moda tunica
Christina Aguilera bag
ASH Italy flats

Monday, June 18, 2012

the magnificent streets of ZURICH

Two months ago, I was with a good friend in Zurich. We had a great time and met many people, visited new places and had a lot of fun.

Besides, partying was great. 

H&M sweater
Dolce & Gabbana coat
Jeggings by L'Enfant Terrible
Tod's flats

Bershka jeans
Dolce & Gabbana shirt
leather jacket
Franco Sarto flats
blue H&M dress
H&M dress

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Sometimes, I am inspired by simple things around me. Looking at my shoes, they remind me where I wore them and what I did.
Good and bad memories, mistakes and lessons.
I feel like seeing life in them.

I took this photo while waiting and listening to Lana del Rey.
As she made a collection of Del Rey bags, it was a funny fact for me.

Before I accidently broke these sunglasses, I wore every day. They were part of myself, pieces of my identity.

golden Tod's ballerinas
black Mulberry bag
white Wayfarer sunglasses from Pimky

Alexander McQueen Britannica Scullbox clutch

Clutches are very useful bags. Important things are carried around, but additional items like parfumes do not fit it. 
People take these kind of bags to special occasions like parties or other events to emphasize their dresses, not their accessoires. However, people WILL SEE that McQueen clutch, because it is special in its own way.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chanel Chanel

School is over, summer is coming. Today I was with a friend on the balcony and I realized that we were both wearing Chanel items. She had this amazing bag !
Every of them is special in its own way. It takes 15 years of expert knowledge to be allowed to make them.
They are gorgeous and never out of fashion.
An investment for lifetime !

My favourite ballerinas and my lovely maxidress.

A jewelry case from Isfahan, Iran.

red PEPE JEANS dress
silver CHANEL bag (fall/winter 2011/2012)
CHANEL ballerinas (icons)
CHANEL earrings

Summer wishlist: Studded hot pants

Accessoires like scull rings fit perfectly to studded hot pants.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the casual Heavy Metal

Gone are the days when only heavy metal fans used to wear those t-shirts. They rock !

Besides, nothing is more confortable.

A parfume for a good metal look is Lady Rebel by Mango. It smells like heaven. The earrings are a present from my brother. The  accessoire I can't go out without is my pink casette iphone case. I simply love it. 
black Iron Maiden t-shirt
blue Zara hot pants
unique bracelet
Fossil silver blacelet